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Cutting-edge architecture from London.

The team behind Ancora 40, acclaimed architecture studio BuckleyGrayYeoman, drew inspiration from trendsetting urban enclaves such as Shoreditch, London and The Meatpacking District, New York. This unique property is designed to adapt perfectly to both its urban environment and its occupants, with spacious, open-plan floor plates flooded with natural light.


Heritage urban fit-out.

Two low-rise buildings have been skilfully reimagined to create an office environment for the future: bright, open and inspiring spaces where achievement has no limits and teamwork can reach a whole new level. Connected by a shared central reception and private courtyard, Ancora 40 has been efficiently designed to an exceptional standard and furnished with the most modern fit-out in the market.

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    Private courtyard

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    View of Ancora 40 from Calle Vara de Rey

Flexibility & environmental quality.

At Ancora 40, companies can enjoy an outstanding level of comfort and flexibility, with fully adaptable workspaces to suit every organisational need. What’s more, you’ll experience the best indoor air quality of any property in the market. The interior was designed to accommodate the highest occupancy ratio in Madrid (5 sqm/employee). This means that an
even more exceptional working environment can easily be achieved by spacing out workstations or opting for a lower capacity.

57 underground parking spaces
61 bicycle stations
Up to 4.0 m ceiling heights 
LEED® Gold Certificación 

In a class of its own.

Utterly unique, Ancora 40 combines a prime working environment with the ultimate in technology, efficiency, security and sustainability. The result is one of the city’s most future-proof office properties, ready for whatever tomorrow might bring.



Smart monitoring and calibration

Fine-tuning your working environment, monitoring communal areas, finding and booking a meeting room or parking space... It’s all in the palm of your hand.


Security passes, touch-free automatic doors to rooms and service areas, environmental monitoring, visitor management system, number plate recognition.


A workplace designed for health and comfort, far exceeding RITE standards, with RESET air-quality certification, adaptive lighting sensors, ventilation and air-conditioning and automated
climate optimisation for each individual zone.

Performance and maintenance

Outstanding energy performance, smart air conditioning system and enhanced maintenance and cleaning protocols.

Putting health and well-being first.


Occupancy management

Ancora 40 logs headcounts for each building in real time, making it easy to keep numbers to a safe level and maintain social distancing.

Environmental monitoring

As well as holding the RESET indoor air quality certification, Ancora 40 continuously monitors the air quality and humidity in the building, keeping users informed and fine-tuning the performance of the air purification system for optimum results.

Touch-free controls

Enter the building, open doors, switch lights on and off and much more, completely touch-free.


Smart cleaning

By monitoring use and occupancy in different spaces, Ancora 40 helps keep cleaning and maintenance costs down by allowing for a more strategic approach.

Horizontal design

With just four storeys, taking the stairs is an easy way to build healthy habits into the working day.

Generous spaces

Each floor plate has been designed for maximum efficiency and adaptability, so companies can create a limitless variety of safe workspaces.

Monitor building performance from wherever you need to be

1. Central computer located at the reception.

2. Mobile app available.

3. Touch screens at the entrance to each floor.

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    Example of distribution, ground floor (1:5)

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    Section plan

Surface areas

Ground floor 2,037 sqm
1st floor 1,900 sqm
2nd floor 1,601 sqm
3rd floor 638 sqm
4th floor 638 sqm

Gross external area: 7.294 sqm

Exterior spaces + parking:

Rooftop terrace: 347 sqm

Private courtyard and terraces on ground floor: 762 sqm 
2nd floor terrace: 230 sqm
Underground parking spaces: 57

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    Rooftop terrace

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    Rooftop terrace

Spacious and open places in which to relax.

Ancora 40 has 577 sqm of spectacular terrace space. Landscaped greenery intersperses seating areas on the 347 sqm rooftop terrace, creating a natural environment. A smaller terrace on the second floor provides additional outdoor space,
offering immediate access to fresh air and enhancing workplace well-being.


The café on the ground floor is the perfect spot for an informal meeting or a relaxing break.