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Designed for well-being and productivity

Façade crafted from high-transmittance glass to ensure maximum natural light, pleasant views from over 75% of interior, quiet zones with noisereduction technology, silent ventilation system and changing rooms for the convenience of all users.


A purer environment

Ancora 40 has built-in strategies to keep the air inside the building as pure as possible, resulting in a 30% improvement based on ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2010. These include a ventilation system with humidity control and air filters capable of screening out viruses and microscopic particles.


Light and warmth

In addition to an abundance of natural light, the property is fitted with a top-of-the-range lighting system that cuts out glare and optimises colour reproduction throughout the interior. All outdoor lighting has been carefully calibrated to prevent light pollution..


Energy optimization

Superior energy performance and enhanced electrical power supply allow all kinds of devices, fittings and equipment to function at peak efficiency, from lighting to air conditioning to IT systems.


Minimum impact

Ancora 40 has been designed to alleviate the “heat island effect”, by using light-toned flooring and maintaining plenty of green space.



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    Open office space

Water efficiency

High-performance bathrooms, showers and tapware produce water savings of over 45%, while carefully curated plant species cut outdoor water use in half.


Nature and art

Lush foliage, artistic flair and designs inspired by nature come together to create soothing spaces where users can connect with nature and with art, both inside and out.


Sustainable transport

Commuting couldn’t be simpler with a bus stop right outside the building and Madrid’s main train station, Atocha, just a two-minute walk away. Underground parking for bicycles and shared, lowemission or electric cars is also available on-site.



Ancora 40 supports and simplifies recycling through dedicated spaces for storing and disposing waste, where paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, metal, batteries and electronic waste can be separated.


Sustainable construction

The project was designed to incorporate more than 50% of the existing structures on the site, with other materials responsibly sourced and carefully selected for their low environmental impact.

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    BiciMAD station